It's always exciting
to go to the Zoo for the First Time
written by Heather Miller Illustrated by Nathalie Kennedy
About My Book

Meet Ellie

Ellie Goes To The Zoo is a wonderful children's story about an elephant that goes to the zoo for the first time and in her child-like excitement wanders away from her mother, and soon finds herself lost amongst the crowd. Who will help her find her mother? The Lion, The Hyenas or The Beaver? Or, will help come from an unexpected friend?
Ellie Goes to the Zoo
Ellie Goes To The Zoo  

The Lion

"Well young lady, that is a pickle. I'm afraid I can't help you. You see, I haven't eaten lunch yet and I don't do anything on an empty stomach. Would you care to join me for a bite?"
Ellie Goes To The Zoo  

The Hyenas

"Poor baby, can't find her mother.
Hey, did you hear the one about the elephant who couldn't find her mommy?
They continued to joke.
"Try the beaver"
Ellie Goes To The Zoo  

The Beaver

"No. No.... no time. I'm busy, busy, busy. There is a leak in my dam. I've got to fix the leak"
"Break.... take a BREAK"
"You missy obviously don't know how serious a leak is"

Who Will Save Ellie?

As Ellie searches from her mother she encounters different animals and asks for their help to no avail.

Whom do you think would help her find her mother in the end?

The Lion?

The Hyenas?

The Beaver

An Unexpected Friend?

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    Claudette W
    Congratulations. Very impressive.
    Marcel L
    Looking forward to reading it!
    Hannah K
    It's just really brilliant to read and to try to read something new and excellent work to you girls.

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